Takara Industry Pet Dog Door For Screens

Takara Industry Pet Dog Door For Screens

If there’s one thing you need to consider when buying your dog door, it should be convenience above all else. You don’t want to spend the full day installing it into your home. You also don’t want your pet to hurt itself in accessing the dog door.

This is where Takara Industry can help. An experienced provider of quality pet products, Takara Industry is no stranger to the woes of installing pet doors and securing them in place. This is why they made sure their products are convenient in more ways than one, and their very own Takara Pet Dog Door is no exception.

The Takara Pet Dog Door markets itself as a convenient dog door for large dogs. This pet door is straightforward. No fancy technology to work around, no additional parts to be added. It’s just your good old fashioned dog door. Maybe its brilliance hides beneath its simplicity.

The Takara Pet Dog Door boasts an easy-to-install structure, a hinged flap for a wider range of swing, a magnetic closure for added security, and an opening that looks to accommodate large dogs. But are these features enough? We will find out in this review.


• Easy to install using only basic tools
• Comes with screws made from stainless steel
• Comes with a screened flap for a wider swing range
• Comes with a magnetic closure for added security
• 13 5/8” x 12 1/4” door opening
• Can support up to 80 lbs. of weight


Convenience rings true for the Takara Pet Dog Door in terms of installation. It would take you around 15 minutes to install this dog door. Even though the manual is in Japanese, the accompanying pictures are easy enough to follow.

If you don’t mind working with screwdrivers and knives, installing the Takara Pet Dog Door shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you keep track of your screws. You can also appreciate the convenience of using screws to secure the frame.

Most dog doors don’t come with screws or any securing agent for that matter. Once you secured the frame, you can easily cut the opening with a knife.

The size of the door opening has also earned the Takara Pet Dog Door some praise. It can easily support big dogs. So, if you’re a proud owner of a 75 lbs. golden retriever, for instance, you can safely purchase this dog door for your pet.

It also helps that the flap is sturdy enough for a dog to push through without hurting its head. You can even train your dog to use its paws and the pet door easily swings open. The wide swing range of the flap is a bonus for large dog owners who want to train their canine friends in the proper use of pet doors.


One critical flaw of the Takara Pet Dog Door is its magnetic closure. Some users reported that the magnetic closure that comes with the pet door isn’t powerful enough to secure the flap. Intense winds will easily knock the pet door open.

So, if you’re the type of homeowner who doesn’t want any dirt or bug on your floor, buy this pet door with extreme caution.
You can work around with this issue by securing the magnetic closure with additional magnets. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to compensate for a product’s flaw, it’s best to keep looking for another pet door.

This could also be negative if you live in a rainy area. Rainwater can easily get inside your home.Aside from the initial inconvenience of cleaning up the floor, rainwater can also rust the pet door’s screws.

Also, the pet door’s flap is made of plastic.While it doesn’t really affect the pet door’s overall quality, you can find other pet doors with a tougher flap material. According to some customers, the flap gets easily detached after a few months of impact.

However, unless you own a very large dog that aggressively tackles any barrier, the Takara Pet Dog Door should be good enough for your standards.


If you’re looking for a basic pet door without the bell and whistles, then Takara Pet Dog Door should be your top pick. Compared to other pet doors on the market, this pet door seems to be the simplest, but it accomplishes its function as a pet door surprisingly well.

It can even accommodate large animals of up to 80 lbs., so it’s safe to assume this pet door is strong enough for your pet door needs. If you’re on a quest to find a pet door that is simply “good enough”, then the Takara Pet Dog Door should be your new pet door. “Good enough” may be an unfair term to describe this pet door, but it’s a convenient choice nonetheless.