PetSafe Freedom Door Review

PetSafe Freedom Door Review

Pets really enjoy the attention and appreciation they get from their owners. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to constantly hang out with your dogs or cats. There are some times when the pets also need to go outdoors to enhance their well-being and health with exercise. This is where a pet door like the PetSafe Freedom Door, Premium White can be quite valuable.

This Freedom Door is rightly named as it gives both you and your pet freedom. You get the freedom of less hassle opening and closing the door for your pet, while your pet gains the freedom of accessing the outdoor area any time. All this is delivered in an appealing package that fits neatly into your door giving it an attractive look.

PetSafe is one of the leading pet product brands in the U.S.A and it is known its impeccable high quality products. The main characteristics of this pet door are its strong aluminum frame and large opening that accommodates larger pets easily. Here are some of the main features as well as few pros and cons to help you learn more about this product:


  • Reinforced aluminum frame
  • Magnetic flap closing system
  • Soft and flexible vinyl flap
  • Available in several sizes
  • Slide-in panel to control access
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 11 x 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 3.45 pounds


  • Highly durable as it uses a strong aluminum frame with reinforced corners
  • Allows access control by offering the ability close the panel
  • Easy to use by pets thanks to the soft vinyl flap
  • The magnetic flap helps keep the door shut to protect from drafts and weather
  • The detailed installation instructions are easy to understand and follow


  • Not enough insulation and weather proofing with this unit
  • The new flap design does not seem to seal very well as compared to the older model


PetSafe Freedom Door, Premium White is a solidly built pet door that is perfect for homes with multiple pets. With a large flap opening of 8 ¼” x 12 ¼”, this unit can easily handle medium dogs and cats up to 40 pounds. Ensure your pet fits these two important criteria by measuring them first before ordering to avoid getting disappointed if the door does not fit.

Installing this PetSafe pet door is straightforward as the package comes with clear instructions and there is even an installation video online that you can follow.

Obviously, you will require a few tools to finish the installation smoothly, like a pen and tape for marking the dog door area and a drill for preparing holes for the necessary screws. You also need the right cutting tool for creating the required opening to install the door.

The entire installation process takes a couple of minutes and most people should be capable of handling it even those with limited handyman skills. The only drawback when it comes to installing this unit is that only plastic screws are included in the kit.

While the plastic screws still work, it is better to replace them with regular metal screws to provide a safer and sturdy lock to the aluminum frame.

The next notable part of this PetSafe Freedom Door is the flap closure. The major positive features here are the fact that it is tinted, flexible and soft. The tinting helps retain some privacy, while the flexibility ensures your pets will not have any difficulty using the door.

Additionally, the magnetic closure allows the flap to return in place every time the cat or dog moves them. This is essential for preventing wind or dirt from being blown into your home, especially if you are mounting this unit on an exterior door.

However, there might be a few cases when the flap does not fully return to its right place, which cases a draft due to the small opening.

This Freedom Door also comes packed with a closing panel that you can use to lock the door when you want to stop your dog from come inside or going outside your house. This panel also adds the benefits of security and weather-resistance. It may also solve the issue caused by a flap that will not close up properly.

The quality and features you get after installing this Freedom Door from PetSafe make it a reasonable option for its price. The greatest benefit of using this product is that it is designed and produced by a brand that has been producing high quality pet products for many years.


PetSafe has proven itself when it comes to pet products and that is why the Freedom Door faces steep competition within its product line, the PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors.

Unlike, the Freedom Door that can be installed on either wood or walls, the Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors is specifically designed for walls. Above all, the handy telescoping tunnel guarantees a simply wall installation as you will not need to use any extra framing materials.

The PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors is a very solid alternative, especially considering its durability and versatility. It is mad to fit varying wall widths up to 18 cm and also accommodate a wide rang of dog sizes and breads. Additionally, the weather proof feature makes this a worthy purchase for people living in colder regions.


PetSafe Freedom Door, Premium White has a strong aluminum construction that makes up the frame, with a flexible vinyl flap that is soft enough for your pets to push through.

Installation is flexible and easy and you can choose either to put it on your door or wall. Even though the flap may not always fully get back into place, you can use the closing panel to provide a secure seal and prevent unnecessary loss of energy.

The best pet doors are usually tough to find, and after you do find them, they are usually not as functional as you had hoped. This PetSafe Freedom Door does what you need it to do, which is providing your pets the freedom they need. So, if your pet is below 40 pounds and can fit through the 8 ¼” x 12 ¼” opening, then do not hesitate to get this unit today.