PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

Having a pet door for your house is a convenient way for your pet to enter and exit the house without leaving the door open. Whether you have an outgoing dog or a curious cat, a pet door will serve its purpose perfectly well in your household. The problem now is the choice. From a wide selection of pet doors in the market, which one should you trust? PetSafe may have an answer for that.

As an industry leader in the US for over 20 years, PetSafe made a name for themselves by providing quality pet products, Today, we’ll be testing out one of PetSafe’s premium product: the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door. This unit promises a flexible and efficient way of installing and maintaining a pet door. Does it live up to its claim? If you’re looking for your next pet door, you may want to stick around for this little review.


  • 76 13/16” x 81” heavy-duty aluminum patio panel doors
  • Customizable, comes in three colors and four pet sizes
  • Easy to install and adjustable, no need for cutting
  • Magnetic closure for additional security
  • Comes with an ultraseal flexible tinted flap for secure locking
  • Comes with durable aluminum framed for weather resistance
  • Comes with a glass sweep and a closing panel


One thing you can appreciate about the FreedomPatioPanel PetDoor is its easy-to-install feature. You can easily install it in your sliding door without any power tools.You’ll have a functioning pet door in under 15 minutes.

This is also ideal for pet owners who are just looking for a temporary pet door and don’t want it being part of the house’s aesthetics, as it can be easily removed and stored. Even if you’re not a handy, you can easily follow the instructions included with the unit. If ever you need some help, then PetSafe has a dedicated hotline for any concerns.

The different door sizes to choose from also give you the freedom to select the most comfortable choice for your pet. It doesn’t matter if you own a Chihuahua or an Aussie, the Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door can accommodate dogs of all sizes.

The space is comfortable enough for any dog to squeeze in through. Just make sure you measure your dog before choosing the door size. You don’t want your Boxer Labrador to get stuck in the pet door. You can easily search online some easy methods for measuring your pet.

Now let’s talk about the door’s durability. True to its form, the Freedom Patio Panel Door is durable enough to withstand any impact. The weather stripping provided in the product is also sufficient in withstanding any weather condition.

You could leave it installed during a storm and it would still be functional when the weather clears up. PetSafe always makes sure their products are durable, and the Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door is no exception.


The Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door may include its own flap system and magnetic closure panels, but some customers noted that these locking features failed to work, especially in windy places.

The magnetic enclosure can’t withstand winds of up to 55 mph. You can easily work around this by adding small pieces of wood infront of the door panel to counter intense winds.

The material used to manufacture the flap is too thin for intense winds. The flap occasionally bends leaving a crack of around an inch. Also, your pet will probably dent it slightly every time they leave or enter, but you won’t notice any difference unless you look closely.

Some users also reported that the rubber weather stripping on their Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door didn’t last very long. The rubber stripping needs improvement since this prevents outside elements from damaging the pet door or home floor. Be ready to clean up the area near the pet door every now and then if you choose this pet door.


The Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door isn’t without faults, but considering how convenient it is to install and the comfort it can provide for your pet, it is worth the asking price. The Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door appeals to the outgoing pet lover who wants to provide their pet freedom.

It can also appeal to stylish homeowners who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience. If you’re one of those or both, the Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door could very well be your best bet. If you need a simple pet door that will provide comfort for your pet, this product should be enough to meet your needs.