The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Pet Door

Cat looking at the owner

Everyone, including me, has wondered once in a life whether dog door is something you should get? While the benefits can be really attracting, what are the actual downsides and disadvantages people don’t usually talk about?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you know everything there is to know, right?

That’s pretty much right, and that’s why I assure you not to worry, yet to relax and go through this article. It’s most likely going to be a life-changing decision for you, but also a pretty solid decision no matter what you choose.

However, I should mention that I know a pretty good number of people who said they would never go back to not having a pet door. Let’s start with pet door advantages.

Pet Door Advantages

There are definitely more advantages than disadvantages, and you’ve probably heard most of them. However, there might be some benefits you haven’t heard of yet.

Also, I just want to mention that when I say advantages, I refer to advantages for both pets and pet owners.

Benefits for Pet Owners

  • Convenience
  • Door protection
  • Fewer in-house accidents
  • Better safety for you and your pet
Cat looking at the owner

Photo from Flickr by Thomas Long


Is there anything that isn’t convenient when it comes to pet doors? I don’t think so.

Not having to wake up in the morning to only let your dog in the backyard is definitely one of the conveniences. Even during the day, you will never have to play a doorman ever again. It’s easy to say that pet door can actually improve quality of your life, as well as convenience.

Especially if you’re working long hours at work and would like some rest when you get home.

Door Protection

With pet door installed in place, your pets won’t damage the door.

I am sure that at least once in your life, your pet has scratched the door or banged on them to show you that he wants to go outside.

With pet door, you will never have to experience that again. Install pet door in place, and never worry about your doors getting damaged by your pet ever again.

It’s definitely not the worst thing in the world, mostly because pets do it when they need to urgently urinate, but it might be bad for your door and home.

Fewer In-House Accidents

This is probably the one you know, and in case you didn’t know, you might have figured it out so far.

In case you didn’t, here it is now. With pet door installed, your dogs will have all the freedom they want. Or as much freedom you allow them to have.

With that being said, your pets will be able to leave the house whenever they have to. That’s useful especially for puppies and older pets who might not be able to control their bladders.

And for you, you will save yourself some time and cleaning effort.

Better Safety for You and Your Pet

Alright, here’s the deal. You might not think this through as much as I did but here’s one situation.

Imagine if your house fire alarm went off, and there was a fire spreading due to any of the reasons possible. Having pet door, you will be able to run outside of your house before your dog, knowing that your dog or pet you have will be able to leave the house after or before you through the pet door.

If you didn’t have a pet door, you would have to get your pet first, which is time-consuming and might be dangerous, before leaving the home.

This being said, you will be way safer in such situations, yet your pets will be safer than ever before. Pets are quicker than us, people. Their speed wouldn’t be useful if they had to wait for us to open the door for them.

Benefits for Pets

  • Comfort & Freedom
  • Exercise
  • Healthy mental stimulation
  • Less boredom

Benefits for pets

Comfort & Freedom

It’s one of the main reasons for getting a pet door. Pets who are alone most of the day will have to “hold it” for way too long.

With having pet door available for them, they will have the comfort and freedom to go outside and release themselves anytime they have to.

On the other hand, having such freedom for pets is definitely going to contribute to improved pet behavior.


From time to time, pets have to exercise. Even although they might seem lazy to you, they need to do some exercise.

Being able to do exercise for pets whenever they wish to is definitely a positive thing. It’s proven that many pets don’t get even nearly the amount of the exercise per day they should get. With pet door, you’ll easily eliminate such problem for your pet.

Healthy Mental Stimulation

Being outdoors definitely has its benefits. Smells, sounds, and sights can provide a great mental stimulation, just like it can provide for humans as well.

Such healthy mental stimulation for dogs will help them act younger and stay aware of surroundings and be more alert.

Less Boredom

With pet door, your pets will have an endless amount of fun by having the ability to go back and forth. There’s a great number of pets who prefer to spend time outdoors than indoors.

That’s one of the benefits that’s connected with both mental stimulation and pet behavior.

Pet Door Disadvantages

Dog and cat mirror

Photo from Flickr by Steve Baker

While pet doors bring a lot of advantages, there are some disadvantages that might make pet doors not suitable for some people.

For example, living in the area where there is a wildlife that can threaten your animals. You won’t be able to leave your pets alone outside your house.

There are some disadvantages with alpha driven pets. Giving them the freedom of being able to use pet door and leave and do whatever they want, it might feed their ego and character.

For cat owners, your cats might bring things inside their home. The worst thing they could bring can be their kills.

Some pet owners who have both dog and cat might find it hard to keep the cat inside the home while letting the dog use the pet door itself.

Of course, most people think about the situation of a person or random wild animal entering through your pet door, however, that’s easily solved by installing pet door that requires a magnetic chip to be opened.


Other than that, there’s nothing else that should worry you. Simply weight the advantages and disadvantages, and decide whatever works the best for you!