Perfect Pet The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door


Energy efficiency might be one of the reasons people back out from getting a pet door, even though they want the benefits for both themselves and their pets.

I used to think the same way before. However, luckily, everything changed once I met the quality dog doors that make it easy to save energy while having basically a hole in a door or a wall.

Perfect Pet is an All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door is one of the most energy efficient dog doors suitable for the worst weather conditions.

Rainy autumn or very cold and freezing winters? Say no more.


  • Perfect Pet dog door features a structural foam molded plastic which makes the dog door energy efficient. It’s made to withstand the worst weather conditions and yet keep home energy efficient.
  • Frame telescopes are adjustable. They can be adjusted from 3/4 inches up to 1 and 3/4 inch thickness. This dog door is made to fit anywhere. Suitable for walls and doors.
  • Energy efficient air pocket which is created by double vinyl flap offers insulation.
  • Standard (medium) size flap is 7 and 1/4 inch by 13 inches. There are a smaller and two larger models available for the smallest and the largest dogs.
  • Easy to determine which Perfect Pet dog door size you need using their official sizing chart. A few measurements of your dog and you’ll know for sure which size you need.
  • Panel on the outside protects the entry from unwanted animals into your home. Once it’s slid into the place, it can’t be opened by an animal.


  • Perfect Pet offers an optional wall kit which can be purchased separately if you’re looking to install Perfect Pet dog door in a wall
  • Quality build which is precisely followed by the use of proper material to guarantee energy efficiency
  • Minimalistic yet good looking dog door
  • Easy installation with the proper instructions that come included
  • Available assistance directly from Perfect Pet through email
  • Unique air pocket patented by Perfect Pet for improved energy efficiency
  • The dog door isn’t too lightweight, yet not too heavy
  • Long durability and long life span


  • The dog door takes a bit of space out of the door on each side due to its dual flap feature which provides better energy efficiency
  • Extra large dimension isn’t a lot larger


Whether you live in great plains, on the north where the temperatures are falling down quickly, or in the south and east where the summer is endless – Perfect Pet dog door is made exactly for that.

The cost of energy is constantly increasing and it’s the right time to start paying attention to your home’s energy efficiency.

Old traditional pet door used to cold or heat the backyard constantly, and there was just no solution to that problem. It was one of the disadvantages of owning a pet door.

Nowadays, other than electric and magnetic doors that open and close itself, there are also energy efficient doors that use a dual flap system and air pocket such as Perfect Pet Dog Door.

Even though there are two flaps which provide better energy efficiency, they’re soft and easy for pets to go through. Pets won’t even notice the difference between a pet door with one flap and a pet door with two flaps.

Fortunately, Perfect Pet energy efficient dog door is available in different dimensions to make sure it’s available to any pet size and any type of door or even a wall for a successful installation.

Thanks to the Perfect Pet’s sizing chart, you will have to make only 3 simple measurements of your pet in order to know which size of dog door you’d need. It’s simplicity that matters.

Possible Alternatives

If you’re specifically looking for pet doors that are energy efficient, there are a few other alternatives in case you’d like to keep your options open.

Within the same price range, there are 3 other pet doors that caught my eye. They’re made by well-known brands in the world of pet doors, which are PetSafe, Ideal Pet, and Endura.

The first possible alternative is PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door which is made exactly to withstand extreme weather conditions just like Perfect Pet energy efficient dog door is. The only difference is that PetSafe pet door features 3 flap system and is made only for medium dogs, which means it’s not available in many sizes like Perfect Pet dog door is.

The second possible alternative is the Ideal Pet Ruff-Weather Pet Door. It’s made to cope with “ruff” weather, and by design, it looks very similar to the Perfect Pet All-Weather Dog Door. Great thing is that it also comes in different sizes, which makes it suitable for any pet type. Since both of these pet doors are very similar, you’ll need to do a bit of a comparison to determine which pet door might be a better fit for you and your pet. However, value and price wise, they’re very similar.

The last and third alternative is Endura Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door. They might look bulky at first, but they’re made to resist wind and make your home energy efficient. They’re made to be wall-mounted because they can’t fit on doors. They also come in 4 different sizes to make sure your pet gets the right size. The unique thing is the color of this pet door. There are 3 different colors available to choose from, giving you a better interior and exterior design choice.


One of the biggest problems of pet doors is the energy efficiency. Perfect Pet made such a simple yet efficient solution to the problem with All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door.

It’s guaranteed that you will find the right pet door size to suit your pet, and you will still have the full control over the door.

Energy efficiency won’t be a problem that you will have to solve anymore, but your pet will definitely enjoy the freedom, even when the weather isn’t the best.

Who knows, maybe your pet likes rain and windy weather? Joke aside, you and your pet won’t be disappointed with Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door.


Cover photo from Flickr – patchattack