High Tech Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door Review

Dog using pet door

Waking up every morning, even on weekends, to only open the door for your dog can be annoying and frustrating, no matter how much you love your pet. I definitely agree.

But it doesn’t need to be like that.

Pet doors are designed to help you and your pet out and it is a pretty affordable solution to all your problems and pain.

Let me ask you one question. Aren’t you vulnerable when you install a dog door? It’s basically a hole in your door or wall and any pet other than your dog can come in and come out, right?

When you mix High Tech and pet doors, you get a Power Pet Electronic door. They use a motor that activates and opens the door only for your pets.

Sounds intriguing enough? Stay tuned and find out what is it all about.


  • The large size which is suitable for bigger dogs. It can be installed on a wall instead of the door. It’s a great solution for bigger dogs that aren’t suitable for flap dog doors that are installed in the actual door
  • The door uses a motor that activates and opens doors vertically by sliding
  • Activation happens through MS-4 ultrasonic collar that makes sure only your dog gets to use the dog door
  • Directional sensing system that makes sure that the dog doors opens only when your dog is directly approaching it. Instead of opening the dog door whenever your dog is near them
  • 4-way access which gives you the ability to set the doors to one of the four options which are in only, out only, full access, and closed & locked
  • Airtight seal makes sure that the dog door is weatherproof and waterproof
  • Deadbolt locking that provides a lot more security than an average dog door
  • Durable built which makes the dog door suitable for pets up to 100 pounds


  • It’s made to suit even the largest pets and dogs, also the heaviest
  • Prevents anyone else from entering your home other than your pets
  • Can be installed on both door and wall
  • Pretty versatile with 4 different ways of access
  • Secure and durable
  • Dog door doesn’t open accidentally
  • Clear video and photo installation instructions
  • Advanced electronic controls give you a full power over the dog door
  • Can be powered by either AC or through a battery
  • Different models


  • Batteries in the collar don’t last for too long so you will need to have spare ones ready just in case
  • Hardware isn’t the most premium quality, but is reliable and does its job
  • Sometimes, there might be a delay during door opening, which isn’t that bad, to be honest


High Tech pet door is one of a kind, and it’s a great mix of a technology and a very useful gadget such as pet door.

This pet door is extremely helpful and is way better than standard pet doors, especially during the winter. It will prevent the cold air from coming in even during the coldest and windiest days.

Not needing to wake up in the morning since a dog can open the door himself is definitely an advantage. Also, you can sleep peacefully knowing that nothing else can enter your home if it doesn’t have a specifically designed collar that activates the sensor.

You can prevent your dog from going outside constantly, for example, during the hottest summer days which has temperatures that might not be the most suitable for your pet. Simply use the access control to close & lock the pet door.

Installation is very simple and it doesn’t require an expert to install the door. Anyone who’s willing enough to carefully follow the instructions, and has some tools will be able to install this dog door without any problems.

It’s worth to mention that the High Tech Pet Door comes with a 1-year warranty in case you experience any troubles. You can contact High Tech through e-mail, call them, or even fax them – and from my experience, they’re really fast responding and helpful.

Possible Alternatives

One of the possible alternatives instead of this High Tech Pet Door would be one of the doors that we’ve already reviewed.

It’s the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door which works in a very similar way, however, there are some noticeable changes between these two models. It works on the same principle just like High Tech Pet Door, but there are some differences and details that might be more suitable for smaller pets.

In my opinion, they’re both great models, even they have some advantages and disadvantages. You would have to compare the models wisely and decide which one would be the best fit for your home and your pet.

That reminds us that we could do such comparison for you in the near future.

Another possible alternative for this model will be the next model of the same High Tech Pet Door. It will come with many upgrades, and it will be even supported by Bluetooth connection, which is something that we’re really looking forward to.

For now, there aren’t any better alternative models, unless you decide to switch to any other dog door type rather than electric dog doors.


If you’re looking to replace your traditional standard pet door, or you’re just looking for an upgrade in case your pet got bigger, I’d highly recommend you to really consider the High Tech Pet Door.

Currently, at the market, it’s one of the top electronic pet doors that are working really well, and can be installed anywhere. There are also different size dimensions to match your wanted installation area.

Considering the price to value ratio, it seems that the High Tech Pet Door is very reasonably priced. It is an investment, but considering everything it does and its benefits, it’s definitely something that will last you for years and years.

Have you ever used any type of pet door or you’re considering to get your first one? If you’re in a doubt, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out!


Cover photo by Flickr – Tony Alter