Fontic Cat Flap Pet Door Review

Cat looking behind the door

Everyone who has a cat or a small dog that won’t grow too big is probably looking for one thing. A small and simple pet door that will work just like standard sized pet doors.

Fontic Cat Flap pet door provides exactly that. It’s a very small pet door that features 4 ways locking the door, offers a simple installation, and you still haven’t heard the best thing.

It’s suitable for any type of material which means that you’ll be able to install it either on door or wall.

While installing pet doors in the wall can be a mess and a bit scary, Fontic makes it very simple by not requiring a lot of space.

Cat owners who have no dogs, just cats, will love this pet door. Keep in mind that Fontic pet door will work perfectly even if you have a small dog instead of a cat. Let’s have a look why.


  • Crafted from durable ABS plastic material which is weather-resistant, scratch-resistant, very easy to clean, and can last for long.
  • Features 4 ways of locking the door through switches. You can choose from swing out only, swing in only, both in and out swing, and fully locked position. You get to control when and how will your pet leave the house which is pretty convenient.
  • It’s available in two different colors that will match your wall or door. Therefore, it will stay hidden as part of your door or wall. It won’t attract any attention and will go well with the interior and exterior of your home.
  • The flap is transparent which allows the pets to see in and out of the house and use it as a window when they don’t intend to leave the house, yet just lay next to the window.
  • Very quick and simple installation that doesn’t require a professional or bunch of tools.
  • Suitable for both cats and small dogs.
  • Energy efficient. It’s sealed well within the door or wall, and the flap doesn’t let out any heat energy outside, nor it lets through any wind from the outside.


  • Perfect for owners who have a cat or small dog
  • Simple to install without the possibility of damaging your door or wall
  • High-quality durable material
  • When the door is closed, hatch and flap is closed properly and sealed well
  • Minimalistic look that doesn’t attract a lot of attention, and it goes well with home interior and exterior
  • It’s available in two colors to fit it into your door or wall well
  • The comfort of having the ability and control to make sure which way, how, and when the flap is able to open
  • Price is very affordable and matches the quality of the product
  • Requires low amount of maintenance after the installation
  • Can be used inside interior doors as well, letting your pet pass between the rooms
  • Helps with creating a litter and odor free home


  • The instructions aren’t very easy to understand, and sometimes, they don’t even come with the package which can be a huge problem for some people
  • You will have to measure your pet before purchasing the door if you aren’t sure if it’s a good fit


Fontic has focused on producing something that even the most popular brands in the world of pet doors didn’t produce yet. And that’s producing pet doors for owners who own only a cat or small pet.

Not only did they produce a perfect pet door for small pets, but they’ve also created a simple and very-quality pet door that is simple to install, and provides a lot of durability.

It’s a great solution for homeowners who would need a pet door for interior use to help their pets leave the rooms without always having to open the doors for them.

At the same time, Fontic Flap Pet Door offers a lot of control by inventing 4-way locking system. Without such locking system, Fontic Flap Pet Door would have a different use, and honestly, they wouldn’t be so efficient and useful.

Oh, did I also mention how Fontic Flap Pet Door offers a lot of value, even more than you would expect for the price it costs?

I also find them very easy to be installed and used as a first pet door for potential future pet owners and pet owners who were looking to get a pet door for some time now. Start small and you can always upgrade later.

Possible Alternatives

In case you aren’t a big fan of Fontic Flap Pet Door if you might think they won’t work out well for you, or you’re simply looking for other options available to be sure you make the right choice, here’s what’s up.

There are quite a few alternatives that are very similar to Fontic Flap Pet Door.

The first alternative I’d like to mention would be Purrfect Portal Pet Cat Door. They’re very similar, yet very different. You just have to see them in order to understand the difference, and you can see them by clicking on this link.

They’re a true version of cat door for cats who like to crawl through things. They’re very small and will fit only for cats (sorry small dogs). They’re made in a way that requires cats to crawl through it and there’s no flap cover. I find them still to be a good alternative for maybe interior doors, but definitely not the backyard door.

However, a more similar alternative would be CESC Cat Flap Door. They’re a magnetic version of very similar dimensions and very similar way of use. They’re also a bit cheaper, and by the looks, they don’t differ from Fontic Flap Pet Door, but there’s a bit of a difference in quality and use. To check them out, click here.


For the first pet door, or as a door for a cat or a small dog, I’m sure you’ll love it. For the price Fontic Flap Pet Door cost, you can’t be disappointed.

They definitely provide a lot of value and do exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Once you weight the pros and cons, and value the features and benefits – you can come to the conclusion how Fontic Flap Pet Door is actually underpriced, and that’s something you should take advantage of.

Did you ever consider getting a flap door for your cat? Why not?


Cover Photo by Flickr – J. Sibiga Photography