Dog Mate Small Dog Door White Review

Small Dog

Some people like smaller dogs, while some people like bigger dogs. Either way, when deciding which dog door to choose and install in your home, you will need to pay attention to the size.

Choosing a dog door that will fit your dog well isn’t a science, and it’s fairly easy.

Dog Mate is a small dog door which is perfect for smaller dogs, but even larger cats will be able to use it and also share it with a dog. In case you have both a cat and a dog, it’s a perfect combination for you.

So sit back and enjoy this review post where you will learn everything about Dog Mate, and hopefully, it will make your decision easier.


  • Dog mate small dog door features a 4-way locking system. It allows owners to have a full control over the door and let their pets outside only when it’s safe for the pets. The options available are swing out or swing inside the flap door, both swing in and out at the same time and fully locked.
  • Its size is suitable for both larger cats and small dogs up to 14-inch shoulder height. It’s super easy to find out whether your dog will fit or not through the door before the purchase.
  • Self-lining up to 2 inches makes it easy to install it anywhere easily without having to drill the holes very precisely.
  • The flap is made from a material that is weatherproof. In combination with a brush sealing, you won’t have problems going through even the coldest winter or rainy autumn.
  • Installation is very simple and easy. It doesn’t require a lot of time, just a few tools, and some patience. Instructions that come included are made to guide people step by step, and even someone with no previous experience in installing a dog door will be able to install it in no time.


  • Can be used for both cats and dogs which is pretty convenient if the owner has both
  • Dog Mate dog door installation instructions are simple and easy
  • Can be used for any weather, throughout the complete year with the help of weatherproof sealed material and flap
  • The owner can control when will their pet be able to go out or inside thanks to the lock feature
  • Minimalistic and simple design fits any interior and exterior well. It’s only available in white color but it goes well with any other color.
  • Dog Mate offers pet mate chart for finding the right size to fit your pet more easily
  • Unwanted animals can’t come in the house through the pet door if they’re locked, which is useful at night
  • The flap is easy to clean from the pet’s noses and mouth as they touch the flaps


  • The smallest dogs might not have enough of force to open the pet door
  • It would have been better if the flap was transparent so new pets can learn how to use the doors quicker and easier


Dog Mate is one of the well-known brands when it comes to pet doors. They provide the most affordable, yet quality products that will serve owners for a long time.

There’s no doubt that Dog Mate small dog door is one of the best and the most affordable pet doors for smaller dogs. It’s pretty helpful to know that cats are able to use the same door along with dogs too.

There’s no more need to purchase larger doors if you only have smaller pets. That’s one thing that Dog Mate pays attention to and helps owners with small pets in a convenient way.

On the other hand, with its design, it provides a minimalistic yet attractive looking dog door that will look well on any type of door or even wall. It’s simple to use and pets will absolutely love it.

However, the owners still have full control over the flap with the help of 4 different locking settings. And the best thing yet is that you no longer need a handy person to install the door for you.

Instructions which come provided will help with the installation process even for someone who has never installed a pet door before or actually never done any work around the house.

The price is really affordable and even if you’re doubting this pet door, I’d recommend you to go for it since it really offers a lot of value for the price it costs. And who knows, you might end up loving the Dog Mate small dog door.

Possible Alternatives

There aren’t many alternatives to Dog Mate small dog door, yet only a few. The main reason for that is the size which is perfectly made to fit smaller dogs and cats at the same time.

Therefore, the possible alternative to Dog Mate small dog door could be Depets Large Cat Door. It’s a very similar pet door however, it’s only made for cats. Although, even smaller dog breeds will be able to use Depets Large Cat Door.

Another alternative which is suitable for both smaller dogs and larger cats would be CEESC Pet Sliding Screen Door. It’s a bit different than Dog Mate small dog door, however, it works in an almost identical way. What is good about CEESC Pet Sliding Screen Door is that its flap looks just like a regular window which might be more suitable than a plastic flap. It makes it easier for new pets to get used to the pet door.

Pricewise, both alternatives are within the same price range and happen to be worth the money through value they offer.


If you have a dog of a smaller breed which won’t grow significantly, Dog Mate small dog door is perfect for such case. It’s not suitable for larger dogs, and simply isn’t the best option for breeds which will grow too quickly.

Dog Mate small dog door offers a lot of benefits that are worth the price they sell for. You’ll get exactly what you need for your small dog or a larger cat, and you will have still have a full control over the pet door.

If you’ve never had a pet door before, Dog Mate small dog door is a great option for a first pet door since you can always upgrade later, if necessary.