Dog Doors: Are They Worth The Risk?

Dog Doors Are They Worth The Risk

Almost every home nowadays has a Fido or a Kitty running around. This means that many homes have pet doors in them that let cats and dogs roam free inside and outside the house. While dog doors are considered by many homeowners to be beneficial in a number of ways, they can also be detrimental to some extent. In this post, we’ll attempt to answer the question, “Are dog doors a security risk?”

Exploring the Dark Side

Some homeowners complain about the possibility of dog doors turning into a safety liability. After all, homes are only as safe as their weakest point, and if you expose yours through a hole as small as a dog door, you can be facing great consequences in the future.

A dog door can provide convenient access not only to your dog but also to unwelcome guests. Obviously, we’re talking about burglars here. Leaving your dog door open when you’re away can make your house susceptible to burglary.

A slim intruder may be able to fit through the dog door itself, although even if this isn’t possible, a cunning thief will just stick his or her head through the gap to get a better look of your house. This will allow the burglar to appraise which objects to grab once he or she finds a way in. Other burglars can fit different tools through the gap to paw at any valuable object within reach.

They can also use tools to widen the door. What’s more, the immediate area outside a dog door is usually fenced so that pets won’t be able to roam away. This fence can work to the burglar’s advantage since he or she can use it to work his or her way through the dog door without the risk of being seen by neighbors or passers-by.

Having a couple of things taken from your house won’t be the last of your problems. You may ask your insurance company for help about your missing possessions, but they will most likely just wave your claim and attribute your loss to your own negligence by not providing your house with basic security. This is especially true if you fail to present proof of forced entry into your home.

Keeping the Dog Door Safe

Is there a way to keep a dog door from becoming a security risk? Are there certain measures that you can apply to make sure that your home remains safe even when you have a dog door? Fortunately, the answer to both questions is a solid yes. Just follow these tips to keep your dog door an asset and not a liability.

  • Install the dog door in the basement.If your dog doors are out of human reach, then there will be fewer risks of burglary in your house.Consider this option if your pet can jump basement window exits or climb small ramps that lead to the dog door.
  • Maximize the use of technology in bigger dog doors. The bigger your dog doors are, the higher the risks will be of your house being intruded on. When installing a big dog door, also make sure to increase your security features. When possible, look for an electronic pet door that requires a collar-based sensor to activate.
  • Keep the dog door in internal rooms. A dog door doesn’t always have to lead outside the house. You can install one between rooms so that your pet can still roam around without having to go out. If you really find it necessary for your dog to explore the outside world, you can just install a dog door in a room that’s adjacent to the garage. That way, no intruder can enter through the dog door once the garage door is closed.
  • Install security alarms in the dog door. Many dog doors sold on the market today have high-tech features that can help ensure the security of your home. Get a dog door with security alarms that notify you when something that doesn’t match the weight specifications of your pet passes through it. This way, you can prevent the intrusion not only of burglars but also of raccoons and other unwelcome visitors.

Don’t take dog doors for granted. They may be helpful in saving you time and giving your pets the independence to roam around inside or outside the house, but they can also be detrimental if you don’t apply appropriate security measures to keep them safe. Use the aforementioned tips to make sure that your dog doors remain a safe feature in your house.