Dog Door Solutions for Homes

Dog Door Solutions for Homes

Dog doors are convenient for many pet owners, especially for people who have dogs. This is because these doors allow your dog to come and go whenever they need to. Basically, this means that you don’t have to take out your dog manually when it needs to go, and you avoid the loud sounds and scratching doors it can make in order to be let outside. Additionally, people who have pet doors can be sure that their pets will not be left outside if it starts raining or it becomes too cold.

Moreover, dogs are specific pets for several reasons which is why people who have dog doors already know most of the benefits of them. This is because most dogs are very energetic and need to go out more often than cats. Additionally, dogs have more energy and taking them out manually and on a leash can be exhausting and time consuming.

Having a dog door can bring its problems and they are all not easily solvable. This is why we found the most common problems a dog-owner can face regarding their dog door, and we have a few tips and solutions to them too. Here they are:

Living in a climate associated with wind and you worry about the wind blowing the dog door open

It is quite possible for many doors to be opened by wind, which is the main reason why you should take precautions when buying the proper dog door. This means that you should look for a dog door that is energy efficient and with the ability to self-seal. Additionally, you can try to look for doors that have magnets in them because they ensure the sealing of the metal strikes on the flaps. The magnet is often put on the bottom of the flap but they can be put on the sides of the flaps as an additional sealing effect.

If you can not find a dog door with these features, try adding strikes and magnets to the flaps by yourself, this doesn’t require using a lot of tools. Also, you can put some sort of a barrier in front of the door as a windbreak and like this you will prevent the wind from coming in your home.

Children can crawl through the dog door and you risk exposing them to danger

One of the most common fears with people who are both parents and dog owners is the fear of their infants or young children going out of the dog door. It doesn’t matter how attentive you are as a parent, these things can happen, and if your child goes out through the dog door he or she might be in danger, especially if the dog door leads to a backyard with a pool.

And the most common mistakes parents make is – they don’t measure the dog door and just assume that it is too small for a child to crawl through. However, you must be very careful when buying your dog door and test if your child can crawl through it.  This basically means that if you know that you have an energetic and stealthy child, you must keep close attention to them at all times.

You have a dog door installed in your patio, and there is leakage around the frame and not from the flap

Although this is unusual, it can happen. The way to solve this problem is to put adhesive foam weather stripping sides of your door. The adhesive foam stripping can be easily found at almost any hardware store if it didn’t come with the door. Install it by cutting pieces of foam stripping according to the length of the dog door, peel the back of the foam in order to expose the adhesive and put it on the sides of the frame of the pet door.

You are afraid that you might expose your dog to possible danger

It is true that a dog can be harmed by the outside world, which is why it is a doubt for many dog owners to allow them to go out whenever they want to, unattended. And this is a serious danger too, people might want to harm your animal, it might get hit by a car or it might even get stolen.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended to allow your pet to go out only in a controlled space – this means a yard that has a high fence, or a backyard without any exit. This way you can be sure that they are safe, and you can be sure that they won’t get hurt or harm others.

How to keep other animals, especially wild animals from going in?

It is true that there are different wild animals in almost any living area, and they range from bears to raccoons and rats, which is why it is totally okay for you to worry that some of them might get in somehow. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a solution to your problem, in fact, we have 2 very helpful tips regarding this issue

When buying a dog door

Try to buy a door that has stronger magnets because this way small animals like rats, rabbits or raccoons will not be able to push their way in your home. Also, look for a dog door whose flaps are sealed and the opening is unrecognizable for a larger animal at all.

If you already have a dog door

Almost any pet owner puts water and food near the pet door, on the inside or on the outside of the door. However, this is the biggest mistake they are making because many animals can be attracted by the smell from the food. Additionally, if you put your dog food outside of the dog door, this can attract animals like raccoons who can be very determined and might even figure out how to get through the dog door. This basically means, don’t attract problems you don’t need to have.


There are numerous other problems any dog owner can encounter, and there are a thousand creative solutions to them all. However, we would suggest for anyone to make a well-informed and researched decision when it comes to solving dog door problems.

It is true that dogs are fluffy and friendly, which is why you as a dog owner are somewhat obligated to make life easier for them, and this means allowing them to go out when they want to. This makes your life easier too, and it is definitely a great decision, of course, if needed precautions are taken.