Dog Door Security Precautions and Tips

Dog Door Security Precautions and Tips

Are you a dog owner who wants to let their dog out whenever it wants to go out but you are hesitant to get a dog door because of security reasons? Have you already heard that someone has broken in a friend’s house through the dog door? Or someone has been scared to death by a wild animal crawling through the dog door?

Yes, it happens and it can happen to anyone and anywhere because burglars will find any opening like a window, air ventilation and even dog doors to get in. Which is why there are numerous reasons and tips on how you can protect yourself and your home without having to uninstall your dog door.

You can safely install one without the fear of your privacy and security being harmed, because what you need to do is make an informed decision and you can ease your life without any fears.  We found several tips and beneficial information on how to install a dog door and yet maintain high level security, here they are:

Guard your dog door

You already have a dog and it is a great asset in deterring possible burglars, this is because the sounds they make attract attention which is not what any burglar wants. Even if your dog just yaps and doesn’t bark can be very helpful.

However since you have a dog door, you already have a dog – which leads to the next point – listen to your dog, if it starts to make sounds all at once there might be some danger and this would give you enough time to prepare or call for help.

Additionally and more importantly – put up a “beware of dog” sign. Sometimes burglars assume you have a cat and don’t seem to be warned by the dog door, which is why a clear statement that you own a dog is an excellent deterrent of burglars as most of them aren’t willing to risk much.

Install home security surveillance

Although this could mean that you go an extra mile, it is quite the opposite. If you feel that your home might be a target for burglars or other criminals, putting a video camera can be very helpful and it can give you some help if you have to deal with the situation of getting burgled. However, you must remember that according to most laws you must put up a sign that the object is under surveillance.

Minimize possible risks

Even if you mean well by buying a bigger and more spacious door for your dog, you should do the opposite for everyone’s safety. This means that you should look for the smallest dog door your dog can get through reasonably. This is because some burglars might get creative and just reach through the dog door and unlock the door from the inside.

To avoid this, measure if you or other people can get to the door knob, and if you can, mount an additional deadbolt higher above. If you are planning to leave your home for a longer period of time like a vacation, make sure that all doors and windows are securely closed and you should put a barrier on the dog door as well if there isn’t a lock.

Look for a dog door that can be locked

If you want to enhance the security of your home and prevent burglars from coming in through the dog door, take precautions when you buy the dog door – look for one that has increased security features. This means that it should have latches that can be one or two way locked. These doors also keep your pets inside when you want them too, and they keep pests outside.

There are high tech dog doors

Nowadays markets offer numerous electronic dog doors, you’d be surprised. Namely, you can buy a dog door that works on a sensor in the collar of your dog. When this sensor comes near the door it activates it into opening.  These types of dog doors should be used especially by big dog owners, because those dog doors are the ones that pose a higher threat.

Install a dog door behind another door

This is a great option – you mount a dog door on an interior door – on example your home door that goes to the garage – this way you close the door from the garage and you keep burglars away when you aren’t using the dog door. However you should know that you should install a dog door without altering a fire rated door because this way you are lowering the safety features of it.

The unwanted guests in your house aren’t always human like burglars, you need to maintain high security against pests and animals too, here are some tips regarding this:

Raccoons and other wildlife

If by any chance a raccoon or other wild animal like a squirrel or a mouse gets in your house, the most creative yet easy way to solve this problem is to make a path out of marshmallows or bits of cheese towards an exit door, it looks funny but it definitely works. If you are too scared or don’t have time for this option, you should stand behind it and make a loud noise – a scream is effective too – they are afraid of noise and it will run away.

However, if this solution doesn’t work or you are too afraid to take action yourself, just call local animal control – they have to come and take the animal away.

In conclusion, there are just a few more things that must be said regarding dog door security. It is true that no item in any household is perfectly safe and secure and nobody should expect it to be. However, with small precautions taken when it comes to dog doors-unwanted situations that can disturb the harmony in a household can be surely avoided.

Make an informed decision and know everything you need to know before buying your dog door and install it carefully – that is all it takes to make sure that your home is safe and secure. Be creative and solve your dog door security issues once and for all!