PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Doors Review

The dog doors are very efficient and I would highly recommend everyone who owns dogs to have them installed.

They aren’t only there to make things easier for the dog owners, but to give the dogs feeling of freedom and ability to go out and urinate or stretch their legs whenever they feel like to.

For the owners, on the other hand, it’s useful because they won’t need to wake up very early to let the dogs have their morning run. The fact is that the dogs won’t even come and wake you up once you have the dog doors installed.

However, one of the most common questions is how can you use the dog doors in the extreme weather such as cold, rain, and snow during the autumn and winter?

It’s a valid question and there are ways to make every door more efficient. Traditional manual dog doors might not be the most efficient during the extreme weather conditions as electronic dog doors would be, for example. Luckily, PetSafe has invented Extreme Weather dog doors for everyone who still wants to manual dog doors but was afraid of their efficiency during the various weather conditions.

That’s why in this post, we will review PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors.




  • The unique three-flap system that will provide 3.5 times more energy efficiency, than single manual flip doors
  • Center insulated flap which is perfect for hot and cold weather conditions. It will keep the warm and cool air inside your home
  • Snap-on closing panel that will help you to keep your pet from using the pet door, for example at nights
  • Match your decor with the paintable plastic frame, to match your door color and your interior design
  • Easy installation with simple instructions which are easy to follow, cutting template and installation hardware
  • It’s will serve dogs up to 100 LB


  • Ability to call, chat, or email the expert US-based customer support service if you experience any problems or if you need any help during the installation. They are waiting to assist you and your dog for 6 days a week
  • PetSafe is a leading brand in the dog doors industry since they’re a manufacturer that contributes a lot to the dog behavior, containment, and lifestyle products since 1991. PetSafe brand is helping millions of pets each year
  • Ability to purchase a second closing panel that is sold separately that you can put on the outside as an additional layer of weather protection


  • This model is made of plastic, and with its 3 flap doors still lets in some air in the house. Older PetSafe metal 2 flap doors were more efficient
  • Flaps are lightweight and don’t close immediately and properly most of the time, leaving more space for the cold air to enter the house


The dog doors are really worth to have since they can change your annoying daily routine. If you have ever had dog doors, you would catch yourself wondering how did you manage to live without the dog doors.

Luxury the offer is really worth to have, and it’s good for both owners and the dogs. Dogs can let themselves out whenever they want, and dog owners never need to get up early for dogs only or get up from the couch to open the doors for dogs.

However, it’s really hard to choose which doors would be the perfect doors.

PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors are made with a purpose to keep the luxury of having dog doors even during the extreme weather conditions by introducing us the three flaps inside doors.

However, there are many more things other than the idea to consider before getting the right dog doors.

Possible Alternatives

One of the better possible alternatives would be the electric doors that open and close themselves through a small motor. That way, you will always know that the doors are properly closed.

Microchip doors are useful in extreme weather conditions where they only open when the dog and a microchip collar is near the doors. This way, useless opening and need to close the doors is eliminated. The microchip dog doors are very useful for protecting other animals from entering the house as well.

However, if you want to stick with the traditional manual flip dog doors, and if you aren’t happy with PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors, you could maybe try and purchase an additional layer that goes outside the door.

The additional layer is sold separately but is made to add even more efficiency.


The concept of the PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors is great, and it has been thought about very well before crafting.

For everyone who wants to keep the manual flap doors and still have energy efficient home – the PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors are a good choice.

If you aren’t digging the new modern technology which gives us the ability to have electric dog doors or even magnetic dog doors that open only with a microchip.

However, if the PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors were made of a metal instead of plastic, with magnet system added to keep the doors closed more efficiently, it would have been way better.

PetSafe used to craft their dog doors from metal instead of plastic they use nowadays, but there is still a chance to see metal dog doors.

Although, that shouldn’t create a big problem for dog owners if they’re installed properly. There is also a possibility to buy additional layer that goes on the outside, which will make your home, even more, energy efficient and protected during the extreme weather conditions.

For the price, the PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors are really worth it, in my opinion, because they offer something that other brands don’t – and that’s a way to keep manual flap dog doors even during the winter or autumn.

Although, I highly recommend you to hire a professional if you don’t have any experience in construction, to achieve the best results, and to have the dog doors installed properly as they should be.