Can You Put a Dog Door in a Glass Door?

Can You Put a Dog Door in a Glass Door

Dog doors have been shown to be quite beneficial for pets as they allow them to roam freely and get some exercise at any time. Historically, most dog doors have been largely mounted in wood and metal doors.

With many houses today using glass doors it is important to answer the question of whether you can put a dog door in a glass door. Read on here below and find out if it is possible and how to install it.

Glass doors usually offer great views of the outdoors, adding a feeling of serenity, enrichment and wonder to a home. Actually, a major appeal of putting a dog door in a glass door is that it helps to preserve the view while still providing your dog with easy outdoor access.

While it is possible to install a dog door in a glass door, there are a couple important considerations that you should know.

The first thing to note when approaching this installation is that you may have to buy a new glass panel. This is because most glass panels used today are laminated or toughened inside the factory for strengthening and safety purposes. As a result, such kinds of glass cannot really be modified in any way, especially cutting a hole for the dog door.

In some instances, the new panel will even come with a hole and a dog door already installed. So, if you are using toughened glass panel for your current door, you will need to replace it first before any work can be done on it. Remember that if you try cutting through toughened glass, the entire panel will simply shatter into pieces

Installation Process

Installing a dog door in a glass door is probably much easier than many people think it is. With the right purchases, tools and instructions, your dog door should be ready within a short time. Here are the easy to follow steps you need to make sure your dog door is safely and securely installed.

Measure your dog

Dog doors come in various sizes, ranging from small and medium to large. Getting the perfect size is essential as it will ensure your dog will easily get in and out easily. You will need to measure your dog’s height and width and use these measurements when buying the dog door.

Buy the right dog door

As soon as you know what size of dog door you require for your project, it is time to do some shopping. When browsing through the different products available, it is critical to keep in mind that the installation is being done into glass. Therefore, look for dog door that is specifically designed to fit in glass panels.

Measure and match

Once you have bought your dog door, the next step is measuring it against the desired installation part in your glass door. Place the dog door on the glass panel and use some masking tape to map out the inside measurements. This will allow the door to latch securely into place after installation.

Start cutting

After marking the dog door pattern, it is now time to cut through the glass. Using a glass cutter, cut very slowly and carefully around the outline you mapped out on the glass. If you are not comfortable with cutting glass, consider hiring a professional to handle this part for you.

Insert the dog door

It is now time to fill in that hole in your glass door with your brand new dog door. Push the dog door into place until you feel it latch on securely.

Other Considerations

Using an inflexible dog door flap has the potential to injure or trap your pet as they try accessing your home. The solution is to use soft vinyl flaps that are more flexible and easy to use for your pets. The other point to note in choosing the right door flap is that it should be energy efficient.

In order to keep your house secure and also keep your dog door safe, you need to install a security cover. There are numerous products available that can help keep your investment secure while still remaining accessible to your dogs.

The most crucial factor in this case is how strong the cover is, but you can also choose a fitting color option that matches your home’s exterior look.

It is also advisable to use a thick the frame for your dog door cover and flaps to provide additional strength. Actually, a pet door will only be durable so long as the frame stays fixed in place. So, make sure the frame you are using is strong enough to withstand the daily usage by your dogs without falling apart.

Remember to set aside enough time for training your dog on how to use their new door properly. This can be done through using snacks or treats for luring the dog to pass through the dog door. Try keeping the flap open so that your dog can easily access the outdoors and then lower as soon as your pet is more comfortable with using the door.


If you were hesitant about installing a dog door in your glass door, then you should not be worried since it is actually possible. You can either install it as an easy DIY job or have a professional installer do the job for you. The process involves first measuring your dog and then determining the best size and type of pet door that fits your glass door.

As most glass doors today are made with tempered or toughened glass panels, you will need to replace the existing pane before you can make any cuts. The reason this is recommended is because tempered glass cannot be modified in any way and will shatter completely when cut.

The required dog door can then be mounted in the new pane without any issues. You can always reuse the old tempered glass pane if you wanted to put your home up for sale in the future.