Best Electronic Dog Door Reviews

Best Electronic Dog Door Reviews

An electronic dog door is much better than a regular door as it provides safety, convenience, security and screening of any pets entering your home. Unlike a traditional dog door that uses flaps, an electric dog door will only open if your dog activates it.

The activation can be done using various modern technologies like magnets, electronic or infrared signal that is initiated by a tag or collar worn by the dog.

The main issue with old-fashioned dog doors is limited control. They allow every other animal into your home, including stray cats and raccoons among others. The solution for this issue is to use an electronic dog door. If you are in search of the best electronic dog door, then read on below and discover the top models to consider.

Electronic dog doors also help to protect your house as well since the door will only open on command. This means you will save money on energy bills.

Regular dog doors that flap covers can be quite drafty, thus increasing the costs of maintaining a comfortable house. In contrast, electronic dog doors are weather proof. Here are the top electronic dog doors you can purchase today:

Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door

Do you want the best electronic dog door that is made in USA? Then you should get the Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door as it is an exceptional product. It is a fully automatic door that is made using high quality durable materials.

This door uses magnetic sensors placed on the dog’s collar to open the door. This means there is no need to worry about batteries running out. Best of all, the pet tags are waterproof and this definitely adds to the longevity of using this electronic dog and cat door.

Solo Automatic Pet Door is also safe to use for your precious pets since it uses gravity to close the door slowly. Once the door closes, it is locked securely and keeps off any unwanted intruders. Regardless of the size of your cats or dogs, you will find a suitable pet door size thanks to the availability of various sizes.

In terms of installation, you can choose between installing the Solo Electronic Pet Door either on a door or wall. Additionally, this pet door is available with an extensive one year product warranty, further demonstrating its great overall quality.

Key Features

  • Available in various sizes to suit all dogs and cats
  • The door shuts slowly using gravity thus ensuring ease of use by pets
  • Waterproof magnetic tags with no need for batteries
  • Door and wall installation models available
  • Can be easily painted to match your home decor

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

If your dog already has an identification microchip, then the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a reliable dog door that is worth considering. Implanted microchips are usually recommended for pets that do not like wearing collars.

Nevertheless, even if your pets do not have a microchip, this dog door comes with an extra RFID tag that can be fitted on your dog’s or cat’s collar.

People with multiple dogs and cats can immensely benefit from this SureFlap Microchip Pet Door as it is able to store 32 pets within its memory. This dog door works well and keeps intruders outside and only allows pets with accepted RFID tags to access your home. It is wide enough to accept both large and small cats and dogs.

An interesting feature about this particular unit is that it is fully programmable. You can set the door to lock down at night to better control the movement of your pets. Additionally, while it uses batteries, they last very long and there is a clear low battery indicator.

Key Features

  • Works with the implanted microchips in your pets
  • Comes with RFID collar tag
  • Long lasting C cell batteries
  • Programmable
  • Convenient

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Electronic Dog Door Large White Wall Mount

PlexiDor Electronic Wall Mount Pet Door is perhaps the best automatic pet door for mounting on walls, providing a top notch alarm and security system. It is not only dog proof, but also child proof and will not fully close if something is obstructing it. So, even if you have a child who likes crawling around your home, you should not have any injury concerns with this pet door.

This particular electronic door uses RFID frequency for identification, whereby it opens as your pet with its unique collar key approaches the door.

Even though this unit uses RFID, it does not interfere with any other radio frequency technologies already in your house, like your home security system or garage door. Overall, it is a very convenient and user-friendly pet door that you can even adjust the amount of time the door stays open.

The PlexiDor Wall Mount Pet Door can be installed in walls of various thicknesses up to around 12 inches. Every single unit comes with a strong and appealing aluminum tunnel connecting the exterior and interior frame. Most importantly, the tunnel is protected from rust and is very easy to maintain as it does not have any sharp edges.

Key Features

  • Child and pet proof as it will not close if obstructed
  • Fits all cats and most dogs
  • Extensive 5 year warranty
  • Waterproof and battery-free collar key
  • The unit fits very well in the wall and offers a great appearance to your house


You can now select from the best electronic dog door options listed above and install in your home. Overall, regardless of which product you select above, installing an automatic dog door will definitely give you serenity that no other unwanted animals are entering your home.

In addition, it will give you the freedom of not having to let your pets in and out frequently during the day. So, figure out what kind of key features you want in an electric door and you will always find a suitable dog door.